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For when you need a little ‘Mojovation’


Here at CocoMojo, we know as well as you do that life isn’t all clean eating and ten squats before breakfast. We love eating healthy and getting our 10,000 steps a day, but we also love balance, because balance is key to any healthy diet.

What you need on side, whether you’re trying to get yourself back on track after over-indulging, setting yourself a healthy challenge or just struggling with your day, is a little “mojovation”..

The morning after mojovation

You wake up, your head feels like you’ve fractured your skull in several places and memories from the night before are coming back in amongst white noise like an old school television. Your mouth is dryer than it might be if you’d been stuck in a desert for days on end and your eyes are bleary and vision blurry.

This is not a good feeling, but we’ve all been there.

What you need right now is a little purification, something to cleanse those sins you can only half-remember from your system. Enter CocoPure, 100% pure coconut water that’ll get you rehydrated and back on your feet in no time. In a Guardian article last year, coconut water was noted countless times as the ultimate hangover cure by partiers in the fashion industry – and we’d have to agree!

The marathon mojovation

We’re in awe of marathon runners. You train relentlessly, have unbelievable stamina and quite often do what you do for a really good cause.

If you need a little kick up the bum before your next training session, inject a little CocoPassion into the situation. The burst of botanical herbs and delicious taste of fresh coconut water will have you up and running like you’ve never run before!

Don’t forget, CocoPassion is even better post-workout for some serious re-hydration.

The Monday mojovation

Some of you might not drink alcohol, many of you might never have run a marathon, but Mondays happen to all of us. Whether we like it or not.

Here at CocoMojo, we love what we do, but even we know sometimes Monday mornings can be a struggle. So for people who hate their jobs, we can only imagine how nightmarish they must be.

What you need on those dreaded Monday mornings – besides a quick scan of a job hunting website – is a refreshing can of CocoSoul. Try as they might, there’s no way your boss can bring you down if you’re armed with this delicious concoction of fresh coconut water and botanical herbs.

Better yet, its dose of Vitamin B3 gives you a burst of energy, so say goodbye to sluggish starts to the week and hello to conquering those to-do lists and getting out of the office earlier than expected!

How does CocoMojo get you mojovated? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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